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Residential Programs
A/C Tune Up Rebate Program

Air Conditioning Program

Efficiency Rebates
Find residential efficiency rebate programs and guidelines.

Electric Vehicle EV Rate
Own an Electric Vehicle (EV) for your home or work fleet? We will give you savings on your monthly rate so you can charge your EV for less and stay green.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Rebate Program

LED and Smart Power-strip Web Shop
Residents can now purchase LED light bulbs and Smart Power-strips at nearly half the cost from the comfort of their own home

Low Income Assistance
Apply for electric bill assistance, if you qualify.

Medical Baseline Billing
Discover how you can minimize your electric bill if you require medical equipment to sustain your livelihood.

Residential Refrigerator Replacement
Learn about the Residential Refrigerator Replacement program.

Solar Program
Access solar program information.

Plant an approved tree on your property that will reduce your bill by providing shade to your home, and we’ll help you pay for the cost of the tree.

Weatherization Rebate Program
Update your windows and insulation for increased comfort and savings!

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